Dealing with GoTab Walk-ins

The different ways to deal with walk-ins when using GoTab as payment

GoTab is a fantastic way to create tabs for your guests. But checkins pose a different problem, in order to pay with GoTab information must be collected, such as name and zip code, which might be uncomfortable to ask guests to provide at the front counter. This guide will go over the different choices you have for collecting payment from these walk-ins.


$0 up front and paid for when closing tab

In this method, you'll "skip" paying at the counter and add the total to their tab. Here, guest's won't pay at the counter. The total charge of the package will be paid for when they close their tab.


Create the reservation, send guest a payment link

With this method, guests can walk up to your stand and book their reservations with your representatives, but instead of handing over their information they will be sent a link to pay at. Once paid, you'll be able to check the guests in and continue on to their tab!

QR Codes around Venue, they book the reservation themself

With this method, representatives are not involved at all. Up front of your venue will be a QR code directing them to make reservations for the activities they want, and they will pay online. Or, a QR code can be placed in front of each activity directing them to that specific activity, in which they can also pay online.

Take Payment in GoTab, THEN add reservation to Rex (Skip Payment)

In this method, you'll create the tab in GoTab and take payment there. Then to block off the lanes, you'll add their reservation in the Rex host app and click "skip payment."