Manually Sync Reservations to Tripleseat

Manually sync your events and reservations to your Tripleseat account.

From time to time you may receive an error notification email saying that a specific reservation failed to sync to your Tripleseat account. The error email you receive will say the reason and reservation number for the failed integration  (highlighted in green below).

When this happens you will have the ability to login to your Admin Dashboard and manually resend the reservation to your Tripleseat Account.

In your admin dashboard go to
Reservations and find the specific reservation that failed.

Click into the specific reservation then click the blue “More Actions” button. Within here:

Manual Sync -> Tripleseat -> Sync

After about 30 seconds refresh your page, go back to the reservation page and check the “Timeline” on the bottom right.


If the sync is successful you will see the "succeeded" status timestamp appear in your Timeline. 

If the integration fails again you will receive another error email with the reason.