GoTab Error Guide

This is a list of common errors we see with the GoTab integration and what to do about it

Sometimes you may come across a problem regarding the GoTab integration. If so, this list may have your answer! If not, let us know and we'll solve the issue and add the resolution to this list!

Reservations Being Instantly Refunded, "Unpaid," and cancelled within 30 minutes

This error is occurring because the product this package is connected to is not 100% set up on the GoTab side. Go to GoTab and make sure the product is completely set up.

Taxes aren't matching up!

With the GoTab integration, taxes are done on the GoTab side. The taxes you place on the Rex side will not be added to the final total. GoTab also places their fees on top which will increase the price a little bit. Make sure the taxes are correctly set up on the GoTab side.

I don't see the tab for reservations made in Rex within GoTab

The tabs will only appear once you check the guest in within Rex. View our checkin guide to learn more!