Guide to Integrating GoTab with Rex Reservations

Simplify Your Payment and Reservation Management

The Rex and GoTab integration simplifies how you manage reservation payments and guest tabs. 

Understanding the Integration

Integrating Rex and GoTab allows you to directly transfer reservation payments created on Rex to your GoTab system. This process transforms your online reservations into a starting point for managing guest tabs, centralizing payment handling in one location. 

When you 'check in' a customer using the Rex Host App, you’ll simultaneously start a tab in GoTab. This integration provides a frictionless experience for your guests, allowing them to seamlessly checkin and to continue to make purchases throughout the venue under the same tab established at the time of booking.

Key Terms Explained

Before we explain how to sync the two systems, let's define some terms used within the Rex and GoTab ecosystems:

  • Package: An activity or experience offered on your Rex booking page.
  • Resources: Items that determine availability for your packages, Ex: bowling lanes, golf bays, karaoke booth.
  • UUID: A unique identifier for your GoTab account, necessary for connecting Rex to GoTab.
  • Product: Represents your “packages” within GoTab.

How to Sync Rex and GoTab

Step 1: Setting Up Deposit Mapping

First, we'll link Rex to GoTab and specify where deposits should be directed in GoTab.

In Rex, navigate to the venue you want to connect, then click on "Integrations."

Find "GoTab" in the list and enter:

  • UUID from GoTab in the location field
  • A "product" used only for this sync - this will be your "deposit" product, where your deposits are sent to.
  • A generic "spot" that will be used for all your packages later on. 

Make sure the integration is toggled “ON” and click save.

Step 2: Mapping Your Products

Next, ensure each Rex package is correctly linked to its GoTab counterpart.

Please note that all packages need to be paired to their corresponding GoTab Product

To do so, head to the package you would like to pair. Scroll down until you see the GoTab module. Within this module, pair the following information:

  • Product: Select the product in GoTab the package pairs with.
  • Spot: Select the generic spot you created in step one.

NOTE: Taxes are calculated INSIDE of GoTab. Taxes will not be added from REX.

Step 3: Managing Reservations and Tabs

After setup, payments proceed through GoTab. However, tabs don't automatically open upon reservation.